Pre- Departure Day

“Trust your instincts”

Thought I would post a pre- departure blog for two reasons; one to test out my blog and secondly to tell you a little “trust your instincts” story pre travel!

Here’s my story in two parts:

You know that woman’s intuition or “gut feeling” as we say when you just feel you need to check on something. There was just something about that flight change they sent me quite a few weeks ago now (due to the Air Max flights being grounded). I had checked the new itinerary or so I thought but something about it kept calling my name. It was over the long weekend when i started packing that I decided ok let me check that itinerary. A 6:15 departure from Halifax to Montreal and then catching an 8 pm departure from Montreal to Paris was just not sitting well with me. I was telling my girlfriends “my tribe” as I call them on Sunday over a post run coffee that I had a really tight connection and was just not sure about it! So the very next morning holiday Monday, and after a very poor sleep Sunday night thinking about it, I checked with Trista my travel buddy and I called Air Canada 🇨🇦 at 0700 determined to get a flight change for us. I was thinking ‘oh boy I’m cutting it close’ ….but you know determination is key! At first the usual “no ma’am you’re flying on a base fare I don’t think we can change you” …. when it really it was their flight change that made it so tight ! And for sure my luggage won’t make it – he then said “Let me check with my supervisor” – yes please I said! In no time our flights were changed and phew I breathed a sigh of relief – leaving at 4:55 tomorrow is much better for our sanity than 6:15 pm!

So trust your instincts and especially if you have a recent itinerary change check it!

The other thing playing on my mind this week was the fact that we had not heard back since we booked from one of our Airbnb hosts – and I had messaged him 3 times through the Airbnb app – it was an important question about storing our bags early as we arrive early morning Friday and plan to catch a train to Versailles that day and definitely don’t want to store our bags. Well that’s what “help desks” or sections are for and decided once again to trust my instinct and contact them. In no time -no kidding -within 5 minutes they replied and he replied never having received my message and apologized! Once again the gut feeling worked!

Well here I go must finish packing. I will post again once we arrive and have a few spare moments to fill you in on our first day – stay tuned

Jusqu’à la prochaine fois xo

11 thoughts on “Pre- Departure Day

  1. Yeah it worked for me… got the email post for your blog. Yes I go with gut instincts all the time and thank god you did…enjoy making memories and be safe…looking forward to pics and more on your blog.. Love you lots… have fun ❤️🙏

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