Day 1 – Jet lagged and 18, 930 steps – 13.1 km and 25 floors!

How many of you have had your luggage taken in error at the airport upon arrival at your destination?

Well Trista now has! Just chalk it up to yet another gut instinct. Upon arrival and as everyone was receiving their bags Trista stated “I am not feeling good about this; see that bag that is identical to mine and keeps circulating? I think someone has taken my bag…”.

Yes someone did! In Paris without luggage ….but not for long! As she was starting to fill in paper work for lost luggage a call came through to the desk. The responsible person who took her bag was almost at the RER train ready to board and noticed! What great timing! Her bag was then returned and switched.We were then on our way to our Airbnb via the train and then the metro. We soon realized Paris has an incredible amount of steps; from hiking the metro station steps with luggage (we are not light travellers) to the airbnb on the 2nd floor with actually 3 flights of narrow spiraling stairs! Perspective -This all helped to get our steps in today!

Versailles was so amazing today and the gardens – wow if you have ever been there you know what we experienced, here are a few photos:

Outside Chateau Versailles
Oh goodness somebody is sleepy – and she is younger than me!!
Versailles own orangery
Airbnb for two nights

P.S. Don’t fall asleep when taking the metro train back to your airbnb you might just miss your stop – just saying!!! Good night all – a la prochaine ……from Paris with love Heather and Trista xo

3 thoughts on “Day 1 – Jet lagged and 18, 930 steps – 13.1 km and 25 floors!

  1. Looks like an amazing trip. After a few trips of hauling luggage up and down stairs, I now only travel with a carry on. It works! Keep on having a great time!

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  2. One thing I’ve learned about traveling is to use the virtue of flexibility, not everything always goes as planned. Keep walking and discover the beauty of Paris. Ooh ! La! La!

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