Would you like to buy a castle?

We met Sophie (a friend of Gertrud’s) today. She and her husband bought a castle 22 years ago, and it’s big! Oh yes it’s big. We had tea, cake and wine and talked castles and life with her – just an ordinary day! 😮🇫🇷💥 lol 😂

We also visited two other castles; one we hiked up a mountain to experience and the 3rd just a quick photo opportunity on our way home in order to not miss another incredible meal prepared by Gertrud!

The scenery of our visits stole our breath away and brought out some explicit wording from us all.

Warning ⚠️ the photos you are about to see will NOT do it justice.

Sophie’s castle

Le Château de Puilaurens https://www.chateau-puilaurens.com/

Tour de Magdala


À la prochaine


4 thoughts on “Would you like to buy a castle?

  1. It’s so wonderful to experience another culture, the pictures definitely can’t capture the size of the castle. I can’t imagine owning a castle ( or cleaning it! ) Hope you are having an amazing trip!


  2. Bonjour mon cousin! On dirait que vous passez un moment merveilleux. Superbes photos que vous avez envoyées. Une telle histoire merveilleuse Histoire et architecture!
    Enjoy to the fullest my cousin !❤️

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