It’s never the end only the beginning…..

Our last day is here for the ‘sisterhood of the 🌹 roses’ at this France celebration. However it’s not the end; it is really only the beginning to celebrate and continue our lives with all that we have experienced and learned – the words, spoken and unspoken; the tears and the laughter; the experiences of the nourishing food and drink, the inspiring yoga, art, journaling and music that was moved, written, painted and sung by each and every one of these amazing women this week.

No it’s not the end it’s only the beginning of something bigger and better. Self care – Self Love ❤️

Be it – Feel it – Own it 🙌 you’ve got this ….

Thank you Estelle for your guidance, teachings and friendships. Thank you Sarah for your management leadership and friendship.

Thank you Gertrude at Yobaba Lounge and her team of volunteers who fed us the most amazing food and provided a special place to experience.

Thank you Chalabre, for allowing us to experience all of your beauty- 15th century buildings, beautiful roses, great hiking trails and quaint shops to name a few.

We certainly celebrated life and friendships old and new -last night And this whole week – oh did I mention it was at another castle 🏰 L’Abbaye Château de Camon

Voted one of the top 5 castle hotels in France.

A beautiful backdrop for Estelle’a white night

Safe travels my friends until we meet again

Trista and I will head to Paris for our final night Saturday night in France 🇫🇷 – you can expect a final post after that experience !

À la prochaine

Heather xo 😘

One thought on “It’s never the end only the beginning…..

  1. Wow, what a send off…Heather, I am so happy for you. You more than deserve this Get Away!
    We must connect when you get back home…I have some news to share with you!


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