Go BIG or stay home!

Trista and I landed back in Paris yesterday for our last leg of our trip. It did not disappoint, except initially when we exited the metro we felt a little creeped out with crowds- vibe and smells!

The Airbnb was good just in a busier area than we had before. We relaxed had some wine and set out for the evening.

We ventured out to Sacré-Coeur which was quite amazing to see, grabbed dinner at an outdoor café and walked to the show Moulin Rouge! – That show was amazing !

The surprises at the cabaret included a snake act in a pool of water 💦 yes one of the dancers in water with 3 or 4 boa constrictors Oh and a contortionist who I am sure had no vertebrae -good grief how she twisted herself inside out and upside down !

Here are some photos of our last evening in the city!

I can’t even capture properly how incredible this trip has been for us – sitting here with a lovely lady named Lisa that we also had the pleasure of experiencing Chalabre with. As Lisa so eloquently added “who the hell gets to Chalabre!”

Au revoir

Heather & Trista

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