I’ve always dreamed about embarking on a retreat of some kind since reading Eat, Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. I mean who hasn’t that was an amazing journey for her. I guess I really did not not know when, where, why or even how it would all take place. Being a mom, now grandmother (prefer Nana makes me sound younger!) always took front and center to everything else. However retirement from my regular job (still working a few days a week) has opened up my calendar to enable this amazing journey to be on the horizon now. My husband said just book the trip (he is very supportive!) and so I did last September! On May 23, 2019, I’ll be starting my journey to France. It won’t be a long journey but it will be a beautiful soulful, self care, creative journey! I will first be in Paris for a few days with a wonderful friend Trista, we met through yoga and art classes. Then we travel along the French countryside by train to Chalabre, a mystical quiet rich in-history town in the south of France where we join up with an amazing group of ladies on the same journey as we are, at Yobaba Lounge in Chalabre. It will be magical, a yoga and art retreat like no other, led by the very inspirational friend and teacher Estelle Thomson.

Stay tuned – I’ll be sure to take you along for the ride, oh and FYI this is my first blog, rookie style!